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A conversation with Cathy Thorpe, CEO of Nurse Next Door

How to Care Podcast 7: Meet Kiran, The Franchise Owner

Nurse Next Door is not just one business. “HeartQuarters,” in Vancouver, sits at the intersection of the brand and the small business owners who run Nurse Next Door franchises across three countries. Kiran Samran is one of those franchise owners. Nurse Next Door provides the flexibility for business owners like Kiran to run their own business with systems and support, all the while enjoying the things she loves to do.

She works hard, but she also answers emails on the beach. Kiran is a big traveler, a parent and she even maintains a small CPA practice on the side. If you want to hear more about Kiran’s franchise journey with Nurse Next Door, especially if you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, check out this third part of our series exploring different areas of care at Nurse Next Door.

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